2014 Backstage Ball Awards

Iowa Concert Photographers The Grape Vine Art Slusark Angela Rauch Andrew Smith

2013 Iowa Connection Halloween session

2013 Iowa Connection Halloween session from DEFT on Vimeo. Iowa Connection post

Flannel Mouth “Oh, Bastard” lyric video

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Iowat: Volume I

iowa-connection.com/?p=1729 Featuring: Justin Augustus Chris Watts Logan Clark Caleb Smith AJ Keane Andrew Hall Codee Jennings Bruce Bales Tohmmy Lash JR Terronez Tyler Noland Zach Gutweiler Mykel Fatali Howie Bennett Troy DeZeeuw Russ Reedy Music: Gloom Balloon “Will C., You, Cut Me Like A Matisse” gloomballoon.bandcamp.com/ King Koopa “times we faced [KOOP]” kingkoopa.bandcamp.com/ King Koopa […]

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall: Chili Dog from DEFT on Vimeo. Hole in the Wall: Steamed Buns from DEFT on Vimeo. Check them out on Facebook.

Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators “I Can Control You”

Jordan Mayland is a work horse. As far as productivity goes, Jordan is at the top of his game, and his music speaks for itself. Jordan came up with the concept for the “I Can Control You” music video and made the necessary arrangements to make it happen. Furthermore, Jordan set it up so the […]

The River Monks “Of The Land (Live @ Raccoon River Brewery)”

What does home mean to you? During the last few months of 2013, I found myself asking that question. I spent a lot of time dissecting the idea of home, wondering what made up my understanding of place. I truthfully had no idea. Home to me has always been Iowa. The feelings and emotions associated […]