Jordan Mayland & The Thermal Detonators “I Can Control You”

Jordan Mayland is a work horse. As far as productivity goes, Jordan is at the top of his game, and his music speaks for itself. Jordan came up with the concept for the “I Can Control You” music video and made the necessary arrangements to make it happen. Furthermore, Jordan set it up so the […]

Peoria Pizza Works

Last week Codee Jennings, Caleb Smith, and myself went to Peoria Pizza Works to get some footage for three short online spots. We ended up having a great time filming, as the atmosphere was very relaxed, and we also got some good footage. Below you can see a few behind the scenes photos along with […]

On Location: Iowa City West High School

Tonight, Codee Jennings and I spent a few hours filming with a very driven high school student named Jeremiah Anthony for the website Hooplaha. Jeremiah saw cyber-bullying becoming an issue at his school, so he started to fight back in his own creative way. Jeremiah came up with the idea to start a Twitter account […]