River Rumble promo video

Come Rumble 10.12.13 Davenport, Iowa iowa-connection.com

Introducing: John June Year

John June Year is a group that makes you move. Their smoothly energetic performances provide listeners with a soundtrack for a good night, and probably an early morning, in a way that usually leaves a bit of a hangover. After you see them live your legs will be sore, your voice will be hoarse, and […]

To Omaha and Back

Last month a group of skilled individuals took a trip west to Omaha, Nebraska. We spent the weekend doing what we love to do: rollerblading. -Bruce Iowa Connection Article: http://www.iowa-connection.com/?p=1416

Summer 2013: Gallery I

DEFT photographs on the Iowa Connection: http://www.iowa-connection.com/?p=1388

Halfaminute: 80/35 Music Festival

Halfaminute: 80/35 Music Festival from DEFT on Vimeo.