On Location: Iowa City West High School

Tonight, Codee Jennings and I spent a few hours filming with a very driven high school student named Jeremiah Anthony for the website Hooplaha. Jeremiah saw cyber-bullying becoming an issue at his school, so he started to fight back in his own creative way. Jeremiah came up with the idea to start a Twitter account called West High Bros to combat all forms of bullying at Iowa City West High School in Iowa City, Iowa. Started in October 2011, this Twitter account took the school by storm. The idea behind the Twitter account is simple: West High Bros gives out compliments to everyone at their school. The reception Jeremiah has received was beyond inspiring to witness. Jeremiah himself is a great person with a very bright future ahead of him, and he fits the very definition of DEFT. The entire experience was a much needed reminder that there are good people out there doing good things. Our project with Jeremiah and West High Bros aims to continue that trend.

Bruce Bales, Jeremiah Anthony, and Codee Jennings.

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