Flannel Mouth Promo

“The rustic regions of the Tallgrass Prairies hold a myriad of veiled gems, and budding with roots along the Illinois River is Flannel Mouth, a four-piece rock ensemble with high aims in sight. Hailing from Glasford, a town only a thousand strong, Flannel Mouth has emerged as a vengeful small town boy with big city dreams, evidenced by their debut release, “Pull in Your Horns,” via SwitchBitch Records.

Old-timey for “sharptalker” or “one having a way with words,” Flannel Mouth holds true to definition with searing lyrics still warm from the firing hammers of frontman Luke Myers, who croons of audacious malcontent and paints vicious imagery unto his listeners. His blunt-yet-elaborate rhythms are melodized by Zachary Hartman, intricately woven throughout arrangements characterized by the bouncy bass lines of Ryan Batalon, and the pointed stylings of Tyler Jamsa on drums.

The near future holds exciting and hard work for the boys of Flannel Mouth, and even if the apocalypse truly is nigh, expect the music to cut right through.”

Twitter — twitter.com/flannel_mouth
ReverbNation — reverbnation.com/flannelmouth
PureVolume — purevolume.com/flannelmouth
Label — switchbitchrecords.com/

  • Client: Flannel Mouth
  • Year: 2013