Iowa Connection 2013 Summer Session II (Omaha, Nebraska)

The 2013 Iowa Connection Summer Session II took place in Omaha, Nebraska on July 27th and 28th, 2013. Rollerbladers from Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska gathered in Omaha to enjoy good friends, great weather, and their common interest of rollerblading.

“It may seem odd, but the way the sky looked was the one thing from the trip that has stuck with me. I only saw the brightness of Nebraska. With a sky that big, I can only imagine what storms would feel like, or even overcast days. When I stared up into the clear Nebraska sky I was calm. It reminded me of the nature of life. It seems to stretch on forever, but somewhere there is an end. In between we get experiences, each one a cloud, like our trip to Omaha which will always be remembered by those who were a part of it.”
-Bruce J. Bales

Edited by Bruce J. Bales
Filmed by Bruce J. Bales, Logan Clark, Andrew Hall, Justin Augustus, Corey Buller, and A.J. Keane.

Bruce J. Bales
Logan Clark
Corey Buller
A.J. Keane


  • Year: 2013